Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Different Bar

This is a poem that I wrote a while ago, on holiday in Cyprus. It was gone midnight, and I was at a place called the Different Bar (where I spent quite a lot of time!) The inspiration came, and I didn't have a pen and paper to write it down - and I'd had so much to drink that I probably couldn't have done so anyway. So I had to memorise it and write it down the next morning - which is why it has a much stronger scansion and rhyme-scheme than most of my poems . . .

Tonight becomes tomorrow in the Different Bar
and Panos mixes pink and yellow drinks.
Lizard tongues are singing in the fire,
and the dancing moment gradually sinks
to thoughts of what you're doing, where you are,
and how e know what one another thinks
though I am drinking here and you're so far
from me, but distance cannot break our links,
as Panos slows the music in the Different Bar.


  1. I sort of remember the night but then suz we were very drunk, i do remember being outside the bar trying to get people in in our true british drumken style...How about some Luxor and All of your Oostende Poems?

    1. I didn't write many poems in Luxor, mostly stories. But I'm thinking of putting the whole Ostend sequence up!